23 Things…

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Learning...
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Wow!! Today I was rolling around in bloggy goodness and ran into a movement that has been going on that sounds pretty fantastic: 23 Things. Minnesota even seems to have its own movement (mostly for librarians, as far as I can find), called 23 Things on a Stick.  Some have even moved forward, gone farther, and done “Learning 2.1: A Master List of Things“.  There is even a Minnesota tech-guy, Michael Walker,  who is looking ahead to doing this for his staff in Edina.

I am very interested in trying this out so that I can share it with my colleagues! I am on the technology committee, and this past spring we found that many people are interested in improving their technological savviness. I think this would be a great program to set up for interested participants.  I want to learn more, and talk to more people so that I can get this in motion.  I’m excited!

  1. teachthemasses says:

    lol have you checked out the wordpress blog http://www.2twentythree3.wordpress.com for a moment I thought you were the author!

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