23 Things…

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Learning...
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Today I took the first step and started creating the blog for the 23 things for our staff. I haven’t published anything yet because I’m still in the tinkering stage… but I’m still very excited for this fantastic opportunity.

I decided to put it on a weekly schedule… that way people can work ahead if they want, but won’t feel too overwhelmed with so many things to try and do.

I still have to decide who I need to talk to about implementing this as well as the final list of things that people should discover and play around with. The reason I know I need to deviate a little from the original is that our staff showed some real interest in using Moodle, and I would like to get them information on things like Survey sites as well… all things that help them be more productive, effective, and efficient because, after all, that is what good technology does, right?


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