As part of the 23 things, I am going to add Moodle to the exercises. A number of staff members showed real interest in learning more about Moodle. I’m still very excited about Moodle and had the administrator enable Outcomes so that I can utilize formative assessment even more throughout my courses. Ultimately, I think it would be cool to rest mainly upon formative assessment, but I need to take it step by step.

I am also playing the waiting game for the workshop and exercise modules to get enabled by our administrator (who has been super helpful!). I’m excited about the opportunities that are held in the workshop module, with students able to work for and with one another… instead of just me. I think it reiterates the idea that teh teacher should not be the “be all and end all” because, in real life, teachers will not be there as the “be all and end all”… peers, on the other hand, will be. My wondering is how I am going to ensure that kids take their job of assessing others seriously.  I know that it will help them become better German students (and students in general), and I know that their peers are going to be amazing assessors (if they hold themselves to actually assessing), and I know  that assessment for  learning is the best… so what talk do we need to have for a good buy-in from all parties?

Last question: how have you used workshops, exercises, and (something I didn’t mention here today) Hot Potatoes in your Moodle?


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