Posted: August 13, 2008 in leadership, Learning..., technology
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It’s been a Tipping Point for me this summer (for some reason) and I’m kind of excited about it. I’ve lost some of that quiet anxiety and am looking forward to stepping out to help and serve others as a “real” leader. Okay, I’m not working for “Staff President” or anything like that (why does that title sound odd, yet “class president” is something we just accept as normal?)… instead I stepped into leadership of the technology committee in the middle of last year, and this year I get to start it off (the right way).

So I’ve been contacting members of the committee and talking about things like mini-sessions on various technology-related things… and, of course, the “23 Things“.

Today I read a post from Scott Elias about Leadership, and the quote he used to jump-start everything was one from Ralph Nader: The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

This quote hit my latest concern on the head. I have been reaching out for this “23 Things” project because I want it to be collaborative and give others a chance to take real ownership in our committee and the things we will be doing. I am finding, however, that although some are very interested in “hopping on board” and talking already about ideas for mini-sessions (like effective PowerPoint, Moodle, etc.), others are just ignoring the whole thing (trying to be able to just “pass the time” in their committee choice). Okay. I might be blowing it out of proportion a bit (running up the ladder of inference, if you will) since we haven’t even begun school yet and I haven’t seen any of these people yet (all of this judged purely by e-mail correspondance, or the lack thereof). However, it still comes back to the question:

How can I inspire them to share of themselves and really become a leader in the team instead of just biding their time?

  1. Tomaz Lasic says:

    Hi ?? (never caught your name, sorry)

    First of all thanks for dropping by ‘Human’ and posting a link to my How can Moodle change a school videos. I hope they help…

    I read your post above and nod – yep, yep, yep. If you are interested, here is how we have started getting out of the predicament you are currently in. We have way to go yet but the shift (or rather drift at this point…) is beginning to happen.


    and maybe

    Regards & good luck with your efforts!

    Tomaz Lasic

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