23 Things: am Anfang

Posted: September 8, 2008 in leadership, Learning..., technology
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Week one has gone by for the 23 Things discovery learning project.

It was a hot and busy first week, and many people who were/are very interested didn’t have the time to breathe… much less get going on their 23 Things. (How was your first week this year?) I’m attributing the somewhat slow start to that… I’m still hearing interest in the program. Many asked if they could join in during the second week. Absolutely! So we’ll see how those numbers change in the upcoming week.

This project was publicized for our staff, but I’d love it if we had even more people participating (think Flat Classroom Learning). The learning from the 23 Things project is meaningful and easy (even for beginners), but the collaboration and networking that happens as you cheer each other on in their discovery journey becomes even more meaningful the more voices and perspectives we have.

So if you happened across my website today and are interested (at all), come and join us!

SWC’s 23 Things: A discovery journey in Web 2.0


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