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Posted: September 8, 2008 in Learning..., Moodle, Theory
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In the spirit of transparency:

This year I set a goal for myself (through our version of QComp) that I would spend even more time having the students . Specifically, my goal is for students to look at pictures and have discussions about the pictures. Keep it low key. Keep it fun. Keep them learning.

Today I read Ben Slavic’s site where it talks about traditional language learning… and it just reaffirmed that under-the-surface-bubbling that I have in my gut. A really interesting read… and motivating as well.

I rarely have problems with students with their heads down… but I would really like to be able to empower them to use the language more… thus the pictures and stories.

So for these first two days I have done the pictures with my German 3 class and it has been a fantastic way for students to speak and listen as they learn. One site I love to use (ripe with opportunities for interesting speaking) is Bent Objects. Are there any sites you use?

The other goal I have (and might choose to switch the paperwork to this one) is to work more with Moodle in each of my classes, trying more things. I am currently working with and in the Workshop module. I think it has fantastic capabilities for self- and peer-assessment. We just ran into a SNAFU as students weren’t able to see each other’s work as I had hoped. We’re going to try again soon.


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