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Posted: November 3, 2008 in Learning...

Apparently I am not alone. (And, somehow, that brings me peace.)

This poor blog has gone on ULA (Unrequested Leave of Absence) because of a funky funk so funkalicious I almost teared up (for no apparent reason) in class on Friday (which is totally not me).

Like Dan, my job satisfaction must be tanking.

Like my dear friend, I’ve been busy (and maybe a little overwhelmed by all sorts of possibilities).

So I made a list of all the pots I have simmering… and even just the ones at school are overwhelming for me. I’m starting to lose traction… and the dips under the water, with the threat of drowning, are coming more frequently and lasting longer.

I can’t take any more (almost) teary days. That is not me.

So I need to forge on. Fight the good fight… even if “the good fight” sometimes just means doing the job I was hired to do: teaching the kids I love to teach… and “conveniently” (read: working hard) avoiding thinking about anything else.

Carry on my Wayward Son. There’ll be peace when you are done.