About that third hour class…

Posted: May 8, 2009 in Learning...
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Our district has set up a program so that teachers can get into each other’s classrooms and learn from each other: both ways. I find that I learn so much about myself when someone comes into my room. It often validates the thoughts I’ve already had. When I have the opportunity to get into someone else’s room, I learn so many ideas and wonderful techniques to add to my “bag of tricks”.

Today I had a brief meeting with another teacher about the 3rd hour class she visited. She said that something just felt different with this class. The fun, bubbly connections weren’t being made. The laughs weren’t being had. The fun wasn’t there.  The worst part? I remember thinking that day was a good day. I’ve been ruminating about these kids/this class a lot lately… so having the discussion just brought the issue to a head.

So many of the kids in this class are hurting. They struggle academically, socially, with figures of authority, or at home. I love loving these kids, but this class is full of so much need that I have felt like I just can’t help all of them. I’m used to about 20-40% with such high needs. This class easily has 70-90% with real needs in one of many spectra. I’m feeling a bit “in over my head” when I think about the lives and futures of these kids.

I need to come up with a plan so I can feel that I’m giving them more of what they need and deserve. I just wish I had more time with them now that we’ve gotten to this place.


  • weekly conferences with each kid: brief, 1-2 minute conferences about the week, my class and their other classes, and their outlook
  • make a list: make a list and make “relationship plans” for each one
  • hmmm… ideas? anyone? Bueller?
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