Regarding the Rivalry

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Theory

Tonight is the big Vikings/Packers game  on  Monday Night Football. The night that Favre plays  in the dome against the Packers. Granted, it’s not Lambeau field, but it’s  a pretty  big deal. I  got plenty of comments from  my beloved students today while I was wearing my Packers jersey.

On a (somewhat) related note, the other day we were asked to talk  about one thing we really enjoyed/were good at. Being funny (and not wanting to waste a bunch of time talking about myself), I said that I love to watch and cheer for the Packers.  After everyone shared, the leader  then asked us to make the connection between the thing we  do well and ourselves as a teacher. (i.e. if you like gardening, perhaps it shows itself as you carefully tend to the needs of students to help them grow.) I started to put it together, but today,  wearing the jersey in the middle of this rivalry, it became even more clear.

I am a die hard fan. I will cheer you on in the best of times and in the worst of times. I will wait and support through the losses so we can all enjoy the wins. I am a die hard fan and, I have to admit, I have little time  for fair-weather fans.

So I made a PowerPoint to explain this to my kids… and to talk about integrity. We talked about fair-weather fans, fair-weather friends, and fair-weather everything else.  It was a quick 5 minute talk, but a nice segue  into the (even more brief) note that I am here for them if they need something… even if it’s just to be a connector to the person/people/help they really need.

It’s crazy where educational philosophy can pop up in life. I love football.


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