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Posted: October 26, 2009 in Learning...
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Actual Hazards and Perceived Threats

Actual Hazards and Perceived Threats


I found my renewed interest in these fantastic informational pots of gold when I saw Susanna Hertrich’s Risk infographic. Ms. Hertrich’s infographic was probably most interesting to me because of my nerdy interest in sociology and the psycho- and sociological impacts of fear (and fear-mongering).

Since that time, I’ve subscribed to a couple great websites that focus on infographics. Chart Porn is a great resource for getting a gift basket of meaningful infographics on an almost daily basis. On a more light-hearted note, sites like Surviving the World are great for the occasional  homemade chart/graphic fun.

I can think of easy excuses to add infographics into other curricular areas… but it’s time to brainstorm meaningful ways to use infographics in the world language classroom.

Off the top of my head for my Germans:

  • Sports: Look at the sports that are popular (or anything else cultural) and show the popularity by size of the ball. (My crystal ball says that there will be big soccer balls all around…)
  • History: Upper-level: show the number of people per state that tried to escape East Germany… and perhaps the number that came from the west via different colors
  • Popularity: Popularity of anything: music, movies, food… by state, age group, country

What else…


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