The blue students

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Catching up on my blogroll today, I read a post by dy/dan about “The Blue Students“. It reminded me, in part, of my classes normally, but definitely reminded me of last spring’s class. We were having a hard time, and I had to be on my game every second of the period… or I would lose them, or at least the most influential few.

I like the way of looking at this because I’m sure that class will not be the last class of the blues. It’s a good reminder that they keep you lean (much more than those who can/will learn via almost anything) and that we are not alone in this.

I especially like the note in the comments describing these students as “in fourth down, punt formation at all times”. These are the students that make teachers. The gray students can be taught by anyone. The blue students prove your  mettle.


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