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One of the cool things about teaching language is/was that everything is relevant. Giving students the opportunity and facilitating the ability to communicate meaningfully in relevant situations is always relevant education.

One of the many things we did in the German class was to create Mother’s Day cards in German. Though it does have a “craftsy” feeling to it, the learning was really meaningful and the ability/opportunity for students to share their language with their families was a great motivator and source of pride.

If any of that isn’t quite enough to justify such projects, I would never question it again because of this card.

This card was made by an amazing spirit who, last year, passed away after a terrible car accident. Today, his mother posted this picture… the last Mother’s Day card she ever got from her son.

We never know what lifetime memories we might be facilitating. Life is too sweet and too short. Make the most of it and, when possible, help others do the same as well.